PER TRINHAMMER // Trinhammer Electronics


Curriculum Vitae


Per Lynnerup Trinhammer


Maintenance of seismic equipment.
Technical assistance in seismic field work often at sea several times a year.
Freelance work for different companies in the same field.


Operation and maintenance of the following marine acquisition systems:
Geometrics: Strataview, 96 ch analogue seismic acquisition system.
Geometrics Digital GeoEel system
Hydroscience: 96 ch analogue streamer.
DigiCourse: Streamer level control system.
NaviPac: Navigation and data acquisition system.
Ashtech: GPS, Glonass and differential receivers.
Geometrics: Marine magnetometer systems.
Input/Output: Sleevegun systems from 10 cubic inch. to 200 cubic inch.
Sercel: G gun and GI gun, from 90 cubic inch up to 605 cubic inch
Masha International: Sleevegun control system TGS-8.
Bauer: Seismic compressors.
Hamworthy: Seismic compressor, containerized, 10000 liter/min @ 3000 PSI
IVI : Seismic Vibrators
High resolution seismic systems: Boomer, Sparker, Chirp, X-star and water guns.
Ultra electronics : Sonobuoy and winradio receivers (VHF).
P-cable system


Other Software knowledge:
Network setup in Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows2000


Participated in field work:
North Sea, P-cable, PEON 09 (3D high resolution system)
North Pole on the icebreaker “Oden” in 2007, 2009 & 2012
North Sea, Baltic Sea and Kattegat.
Atlantic Sea, near Ireland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Canary Islands.
Pacific Ocean, near Chile.


Involved in evaluating, recommending and approving new
equipment for the department of Earth Sciences.


Personal career :
Born : 22 May 1964, Aalborg, Denmark
Dec 86- : Employed as electronics engineer at "Dept. of Earth Sciences Aarhus University"
Sep 86-Nov 86 : Employed as electronics engineer at "Kelvin Hughes A/S"
Jan 85-May 86 : Degree in electronics engineer at "Aarhus tekniske skole"
Jan 81-Dec 84 : Apprentice in electronics at "The Danish Airforce, Aalborg"